What It Means To Be A Church Partner

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 2024-25 Church Partner registration closes July 19.

Becoming a MomLife Church Partner means that you will host a location of MomLife. This could be in your church building or in homes through small group(s). MomLife Ministries will provide you with training and support, as well as easy-to-use gospel-centered content and resources to help you develop life-giving community with the moms in your local church.

Church leaders have a lot on their plate. Our hope is that MomLife Ministries can help to ease some of the overwhelm and provide tools for you to build a mom ministry that offers structure, accountability, and predictability for moms to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

MomLife curriculum is designed to be adaptable to fit small or large groups of moms and can be used in a variety of ways. In general, we encourage moms to gather a minimum of twice a month. Each Gathering is approximately two hours and consists of some sort of snack/meal, the viewing of a teaching video, and candid discussion with questions provided.

The Benefits for Church Partners


Control your own registration and fees. Track each mom's information through your own church database/system and you choose how much moms pay (or don't pay) to participate in your group.

Keep in mind that any fees you collect from moms can help cover your cost of things like: your Church Partner cost, childcare, hospitality needs, decor, staff, etc.


9 Months of Easy-to-Use, Gospel-Centered Content. This includes twice a month teaching videos, agendas, discussion questions, recommended resources, and extra printables specific to the topic of the month.

Choose to use any or all of the videos, or provide some of your own speakers for topics that follow along with the MomLife yearly theme.


Leadership Training and Support for you and all of your MomLife leadership volunteers. You can choose to attend our in-person training in Clarksville, TN on August 10, or our Zoom Training Q&A on August 21. 

If you have a large group and cannot attend the in-person training in TN, we can also help you set up your own in-person training. We'll provide you with a general agenda for the day and training videos to watch with your leaders. 


Availability of MomLife Ministries team throughout the year to help with creative ideas, questions, troubleshooting, and overall encouragement.


Valuable printed materials for each individual mom in your group that go along with the MomLife theme and cover the entire MomLife season. These are tools that will help moms grow in spiritual practices and have faith conversations with their families.

MomLife Ministries will teach, train, and equip moms based on their statement of beliefs. All MomLife Ministries speakers and teachers have agreed to our mission, values and foundational beliefs. See our speakers page to learn more.

All Church Partners and MomLife Tables will lead their group/moms under the specific values, beliefs, authority, and leadership of their individual church. Any speakers, teachers, or leaders used in partnering churches or MomLife Tables does not signify as an endorsement of MomLife Ministries or its founding church, Grace Community Church.

What Some of Our Church Partners Have to Say About MomLife

"We chose MomLife because we believe it best helps the women in our church gather together with a common purpose. We have seen meaningful relationships grow, individual spiritual mentoring become a reality, and healing happen in the lives of those in attendance. I look forward to the months and years ahead as we continue to see lives changed through the ministry of MomLife.”

Jonathan Cliff
Executive Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN

"MomLife Ministries has been an invaluable resource for our church! Finding relevant curriculum for moms that’s rooted in scripture can be a challenge. MomLife Ministries provides everything we need to lead our group through an encouraging and biblical journey of motherhood. I highly encourage churches or independent groups of moms to consider MomLife Ministries as their go-to resource. They make it as easy as “just adding water.”

- Jennifer
Volunteer Church Partner Leader at St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville, KY

How to Become a Church Partner

Step 1

Name a single lead contact to communicate with MomLife Ministries and register. 

For branding/communication purposes, you will become MomLife @ Your Church Name.

2024-25 Church Partner registration closes July 19.

Register Now as a Church Partner
Step 2

Identify your MomLife Coordinator (this could be a staff member or volunteer mom). Your MomLife Coordinator will lead and shepherd your MomLife leadership volunteers and participants. She will help plan dates, reserve meeting location(s), be sure moms and leaders have clear communication about what’s going on, plan what happens at each MomLife Gathering, etc. 

Step 3

Begin to recruit Table Mom(s) with a recommended max ratio of 1 Table Mom to 7 moms. 

Step 4

Schedule your Gathering dates and make plans for marketing, childcare, set-up, registration and fee collection, etc.

Step 5

Plan for your Coordinator(s), Table Moms, and any other leadership to attend a Leadership Training prior to the start of the MomLife season. 

Church Partner Fees

Overall, Church Partner fees are scaled to the size of your group. We ask that all Church Partners pay a $500 curriculum fee plus $40 per mom in their group. Church Partners are required to register with a minimum of 20 moms.*

$500 + ($40 x 20 moms) = $1300 Base Registration Fee

Church Partners are then responsible to collect their own individual registrations from moms and establish their own budget and fees they require from participants. Keep in mind that the fees you determine will help you to recoup your MomLife Ministries Church Partner cost.

*Note: if you think you will have significantly less than 20 moms in your group, we recommend registering as an Independent Table Mom.

Your $500 curriculum fee includes:

  • 9 Months of Easy-to-Use, Gospel-Centered¬†Content
  • 1-Year Access¬†to our Leaders-Only and Members-Only Content online (and through Kajabi app for¬†Apple¬†and¬†Android)¬†
  • Leadership Training and Support¬†for you and all of your MomLife leadership volunteers
  • Availability¬†of MomLife Ministries Team¬†throughout the year to help with creative ideas, questions, troubleshooting, and overall encouragement

The $40 per mom fee includes the following for each of your moms:

  • MomLife Journal¬†with space for Gathering notes and recording prayer requests, along with 35 weeks of tools for building spiritual practices at home (scripture reading prompts, prayers and liturgies, personal reflection questions, and more)
  • Ring of¬†Scripture Memory Cards¬†that go along with the MomLife theme
  • Family¬†Conversation Cards‚ÄĒ8 months of conversation starters to use with¬†your family to talk about who God is and how he‚Äôs created us that go along with what moms are learning at MomLife Gatherings
  • Their own¬†1-Year Access to Members-Only Content¬†online (and through Kajabi app)
  • Encouraging Communication¬†and Recommended Resources¬†through MomLife Ministries emails¬†and social media

SCALED FEES WITH INITIAL REGISTRATION‚ÄĒReceive a discounted price per mom when you register with more moms!¬†See¬†below to know price breaks:

  • Register with 35-49 moms¬†and pay $37 per mom¬†+¬†$500 curriculum fee
  • Register with 50-74 moms¬†and pay $35 per mom¬†+¬†$500 curriculum fee
  • Register with 75-99 moms¬†and pay $32 per mom¬†+¬†$500 curriculum fee
  • Register with 100+ moms¬†and pay $30 per mom¬†+¬†$500 curriculum fee

Choose your registration number carefully, because any additional moms you add after your initial registration will be at the original cost of $40 per mom. At that time, you will only be able to register in sets of 5.¬†So, you'll pay $200 for every additional 5 moms.¬†If you don't have a group of 5 new moms, you'll still pay for 5‚ÄĒbut that's okay! This allows you to have extra space for last minute or mid-season sign ups and¬†you'll have everything you need to be immediately ready for them.


Register Now as a Church Partner
We‚Äôre here to help you feel equipped for success with your MomLife group. We can talk through ideas for recruiting leaders, organizing gathering times, marketing your group, how to¬†plan for ¬†snacks/meal, childcare, and more. Email¬†[email protected]¬†with any questions to get started.