From Fall to Spring, MomLife provides gospel-centered content, training, and encouragement to help moms and churches build life-giving community.

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MomLife exists to see groups of moms in all ages and stages grow in their faith and spiritual friendships.

MomLife Ministries

We are a multi-generational ministry built to encourage moms because we know that being a mom is messy yet lovely in a very real way!

We want to take this journey together through all kinds of seasons and stories.

We hope to teach, equip, and encourage moms of all ages and stages to realize their purpose and value as mothers, wives, friends, workers, women, and leaders. Whether you just found out you are pregnant, you are an empty nester, or your motherhood journey is somewhere in between, we believe everyone has an opportunity to grow and something valuable to offer. We believe all of this happens in relationship with Jesus and partnership with the local church.

Whatever Your Faith Story Or Church Home, We Welcome You To Join Us On This Journey!

2022-2023 Theme

Radiant: Stories of Being Set Apart, Surrendered, Satisfied, and Sent

Mommas, you are deeply loved and by the grace of God have been set apart to proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light. You have been made different from the world around you. To love differently. To live differently. For a holy purpose that is better than what this world has to offer. Becoming radiant is marked by our journey toward holiness. And as we link arms with the mommas beside us on the journey, not only do we become radiant individuals, but we help to build the radiant Church. 

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David Thomas & Sissy Goff

Chris Baxter

PaToya Hall

Kristin Vanderlip

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