From Fall to Spring, MomLife provides gospel-centered content, training, and encouragement to help moms and churches build life-giving community.

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MomLife exists to see groups of moms in all ages and stages connect to God and each other through community.

MomLife Ministries

We are a multi-generational ministry built to encourage moms because we know that being a mom is messy yet lovely in a very real way!

We want to take this journey together through all kinds of seasons and stories.

We hope to teach, equip, and encourage moms of all ages and stages to realize their purpose and value as mothers, wives, friends, workers, women, and leaders. Whether you just found out you are pregnant, you are an empty nester, or your motherhood journey is somewhere in between, we believe everyone has an opportunity to grow and something valuable to offer. We believe all of this happens in relationship with Jesus and partnership with the local church.

Whatever Your Faith Story Or Church Home, We Welcome You To Join Us On This Journey!

Courageous Heart: Full & Free

2021-2022 Theme

Courageous Heart: Full & Free

Our hearts often feel afraid, grief-stricken, and lonely… especially after a year like 2020. But God has a plan. Not an “everything will be okay and go back to your so-called normal” kind of plan, but a plan to rescue and restore your weary heart. He wants to fill it with hope and freedom so that you can face whatever comes tomorrow with courage.


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Reflections from the 2020-21 MomLife Season


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