What It Means To Be A Church Partner

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Becoming a MomLife Church Partner means that you will host a location of MomLife at your church with multiple tables of moms. MomLife Ministries will provide you the training, content, and support you need as you develop community with the moms in your local church.

Church Partners are responsible for establishing their own MomLife Gathering space and structure, but we’re here to help you think through tips and ideas to feel equipped and successful with your MomLife group.

We can talk through ideas for Gathering times, childcare, room set-up and decor, technical needs (screen, mics, stage, etc.), and recruiting Table Moms and other volunteer roles (like hospitality, service project coordinator, prayer and care, etc.).

Church Partners also create and handle their own registration and collection of fees for their group. MomLife Ministries can help talk through tips and ideas for registration and fees as well.

The Benefits for Church Partners

Track each mom's registration and information through your own church database, collecting information you find most useful for building and ministering to your specific group.

You control what moms pay (or don't pay) to participate in your group. Collect fees from moms to help cover your costs of things like your Church Partner fee, childcare workers, hospitality needs, staff, etc. and/or choose to fully cover fees for any/all moms. 

Help with training your MomLife Coordinator and Table Moms, as well as other leadership tips and tools with access to the leaders-only content online.

Printed materials for all of your moms: MomLife Journals, scripture cards, and kid cards that cover the entire MomLife season.

Availability of MomLife Ministries leadership throughout the year to help with questions, troubleshooting, and overall encouragement.

Ideas, links, and downloadable files for promotional use, possible games, tools, and creative supplies to use throughout the year. 

Encouraging communication and recommended resources through MomLife Ministries emails (to all of your moms) and social media.

Ideas for special Gatherings like Christmas and an end-of-year May Celebration.

9 months of plug and play content: you and each of your moms will have access to the members-only content online. This includes twice a month teaching videos, discussion questions, recommended resources, and extra printables specific to the topic of the month. Choose to use any or all of the videos, or provide some of your own speakers for topics that follow along with the MomLife yearly theme.

MomLife Ministries will teach, train, and equip moms based on their statement of beliefs. All MomLife Ministries speakers and teachers have agreed to our mission, values and foundational beliefs. See our speakers page to learn more.

All Church Partners and MomLife Tables will lead their group/moms under the specific values, beliefs, authority, and leadership of their individual church. Any speakers, teachers, or leaders used in partnering churches or MomLife Tables does not signify as an endorsement of MomLife Ministries or its founding church, Grace Community Church.

How to Become a Church Partner

Step 1

Name a single lead contact to communicate with MomLife Ministries (church staff member or MomLife volunteer coordinator) and register. For branding/communication purposes, you will become MomLife @ Your Church Name.

Deadline has passed to register as a Church Partner for the 2022-23 MomLife season. Contact us with questions. Or, register as an independent Table Mom.

Step 2

Identify your MomLife Coordinator (this could be a staff member or volunteer mom). Your MomLife Coordinator will lead and shepherd your MomLife leadership volunteers and participants. She will help plan dates, reserve meeting location(s), be sure moms and leaders have clear communication about what’s going on, plan what happens at each MomLife Gathering, etc. 

Step 3

Begin to recruit Table Mom(s) with a recommended max ratio of 1 Table Mom to 7 moms. 

Step 4

Make plans for marketing, childcare, set-up, registration and fee collection, etc.

Step 5

Plan for your Coordinator(s), Table Moms, and any other leadership to attend a Leadership Training prior to the start of the MomLife season. There will be an in-person training in Clarksville, TN and we'll host a morning and evening Zoom training option.

Church Partner Fees

$500 curriculum fee + $20 per mom

All Church Partners register for a minimum 20 moms.* 

$500 + ($20 x 20 moms) = $900 registration fee

After the minimum 20 moms, additional fees will be scaled to the size of your group.

Church Partners are responsible to collect their own individual registrations from moms.

Once you have a better idea of how many moms will be attending your group and you have more than 20 moms register, MomLife Ministries will invoice you each additional mom in groups of 5. You'll pay $100 for every additional 5 moms. ($200 savings).

If you don't have an even group of 5, you'll still pay for 5, but that's okay! This allows you to have extra space for last minute or mid-season sign ups and you'll have everything you need to be immediately ready for them.

Any remaining balance will be due by September 1

Church Partners establish their own budget and fees they require from participating moms. Moms will pay any required fee(s) to their church, allowing you to recoup your MomLife Ministries Church Partner cost.

*Note: if you think you will have significantly less than 20 moms in your group, we recommend registering as an independent Table Mom.

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