What It Means To Be A Church Partner

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Church Partner registration for 2021-22 is closed. 

Becoming a MomLife Church Partner means that you will host a location of MomLife at your church. MomLife Ministries will provide you the content you need as you develop community with the women in your local church.

Church Partners are responsible for establishing their own MomLife Gathering space and structure, but we’re here to help you think through tips and ideas to feel equipped and successful with your MomLife group.

We can talk through ideas for Gathering times, childcare, room set-up and decor, technical needs (screen, mics, stage, etc.), and recruiting Table Moms and other volunteer roles (like hospitality, service project coordinator, etc.).

Church Partners also create and handle their own registration and collection of fees for their group. We can help talk through tips and ideas for registration and fees as well.

The Benefits for Church Partners

Help with training your MomLife Coordinator and Table Moms, as well as other leadership tips and tools with access to the leaders-only content online.

Availability of MomLife Ministries leadership throughout the year to help with questions, troubleshooting, and overall encouragement.

Digital files for any printed materials (like MomLife Journals, calendars, resource pages, invite cards, etc.). Church Partners will be required to do all their own printing and putting together of MomLife materials. 

Ideas and links for possible welcome gifts and creative supplies to use throughout the year. 

Encouraging communication and recommended resources through MomLife Ministries emails (to all of your moms) and social media.

Invitation(s) to MomLife Ministries Gathering Events (hosted by Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN). We will plan a fall PlayDate, Christmas Celebration Gathering, and end-of-year May Celebration Gathering as opportunities to connect with other local churches and moms.
Note: There will be pieces of these Gatherings that will be recorded for use by churches outside of Clarksville.

You and all of your moms will have access to the members-only content online, which will include monthly teaching videos, discussion questions, and recommended resources. You can choose to use any or all of them or provide your own speakers for topics that follow along with the MomLife yearly theme.

MomLife Ministries will teach, train, and equip moms based on their statement of beliefs. All MomLife Ministries speakers and teachers have agreed to our mission, values and foundational beliefs.

All Church Partners and MomLife Tables will lead their group/moms under the specific values, beliefs, authority, and leadership of their individual church. Any speakers, teachers, or leaders used in partnering churches or MomLife Tables does not signify as an endorsement of MomLife Ministries or its founding church, Grace Community Church.

How to Become a Church Partner

Step 1

Name a single lead contact to communicate with MomLife Ministries (ideally a church staff member) and register as a Church Partner. For branding/communication purposes, you will become MomLife @ Your Church Name.

Step 2

Identify your MomLife @ [Your Church Name] Church Coordinator (this could be the staff contact or a mom volunteer). Your MomLife Coordinator will lead and shepherd your MomLife leadership volunteers and members. She will help plan dates, reserve meeting location(s), be sure moms and leaders have clear communication about what’s going on, plan what happens at each MomLife Gathering, etc. 

Step 3

Begin to recruit Table Mom(s) with a recommended max ratio of 1 Table Mom to 7 moms. 

Step 4

Make plans for marketing, childcare, set-up, registration, etc.

Step 5

Mark your calendar for the Leadership Training Day on Saturday, August 21 @ 9:00-2:00 PM CST, hosted by Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN. Invite all of your Table Moms to attend. You will hear the overall vision for the year, teaching schedule, and more! You will also have the opportunity to lead a breakout of your church leaders to talk through your specific church expectations, plans, and hopes for the year.

If you are out of town, we will record parts of the Training Day for you to watch and then engage in a Leadership Zoom Q & A with Melanie and other MomLife Ministries leadership on Tuesday, August 24 at either 9:30 AM OR 6:30 PM CST. 

Church Partner Tiered Fees

Your Church Partner fee will be scaled to the size of your group. Every Church Partner will pay the base $500 fee when registering as a Church Partner. Once you finalize registration with your moms and know your final number, the remaining balance will be due by September 1.

Contact Us With Interest

Church Partners establish their own budget and what kind of fee they will require from participating moms - moms will pay any required fee(s) to the church. This is how you can then recoup your MomLife Ministries Church Partner cost.

Email [email protected] with any questions to get started.