Our 2022-23 Theme

Radiant: Stories of Being Set Apart, Surrendered, Satisfied, and Sent


Who doesn’t want to be radiant?

On the surface, we think that means flawless beauty and perfection.

But true, lasting radiance comes from something deeper… something on the inside that permeates to shining on the outside.

It influences our expressions, our words, our behaviors, our decisions, and our responses - marking each of them with grace-filled love, exuberant confidence, and unwavering joy.  

Mommas, you are deeply loved and by the grace of God have been set apart to proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light (Psalm 4:3, Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 2:9).

You have been made different from the world around you.

To love differently. To live differently.

For a holy purpose that is better than what this world has to offer.

You are set apart in Christ to enjoy the goodness of God and also to show others his worth.

God’s worth - his perfect glory and holy goodness - is radiant (Ezekiel 43:2, Psalm 19:8, Psalm 76:4) and those who look to him are radiant (Exodus 34:29, Psalm 34:5). 

As we fix our eyes on Jesus, we can take daily steps of obedience (Hebrews 12:1).

It’s a divine process and surrendered pursuit to be more like Christ.

It isn’t always easy or comfortable, and the goal really isn’t worldly satisfaction or even happiness.

It’s something so much better.

Becoming radiant is marked by our journey toward holiness.

And as we link arms with the mommas beside us on the journey, not only do we become radiant individuals, but we help to build the radiant Church (Ephesians 5:27).   

We'll talk about things like:

Set Apart

What does it look like to have a marriage that is set apart unto Christ?



What does it look like to live set apart in our decisions about the things we use and consume?


What does it look like to surrender our parenting to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit?



What does it look like to surrender our time, energy, and finances to the Lord and live in a place of grateful enjoyment, simplicity and generosity?


What does it look like to be satisfied in our current season of life and this specific place where we find ourselves and our families? To be satisfied in our role as a mom? In our marriage? In friendship?



What does it look like to teach our children how to be satisfied and not have an insatiable appetite for more and more? How do we combat the natural stirrings of entitlement in their (and our own) hearts?


What does it look like to live a life sent on mission for the glory of the kingdom and the discipleship of others?



What does it look like to live a life sent on mission to build up the Church?

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